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Contested Divorce in Turkey Explained

Contested Divorce in Turkey

Our Turkish family lawyers and divorce attorneys provide legal consultancy, advocacy, and mediation services in all matters related to divorce. The main grounds for a contested divorce in Turkey are a breakdown of the marital union and divorce due to severe…

Full Details of Turkish Family Law & Divorce Lawsuits

Turkish Family Lawyers

At Consultixa Law Firm, our experienced Turkish family law team is committed to providing comprehensive legal services to clients seeking assistance with divorce matters in Turkey. Divorce is a sensitive and challenging process that can significantly impact the lives of…

Full Details of Divorce Grounds in Turkey

Divorce Grounds in Turkey

Consultixa Law Firm is dedicated to providing comprehensive insights into the legal framework surrounding divorce grounds in Turkey. Divorce is a complex legal process that involves the termination of a marriage contract, carrying both emotional and legal implications. Table of…

Full Details of Child Custody Law in Turkey

Child Custody Law in Turkey

Child custody law in Turkey is governed by the Turkish Civil Code and relevant regulations. The overarching principle guiding these laws is the well-being of the child. Courts prioritize creating a stable and supportive environment for the child’s physical and…

Full Details of Foreign Divorce Decree Recognition

Foreign Divorce Decree Recognition

Navigating the complexities of foreign divorce decree recognition in Turkey can be a daunting task. However, by enlisting the support of seasoned family lawyers at Consultixa Law Firm, you can streamline the entire procedure. Our expert attorneys specialize in international…

Full Details of Agreed Divorce in Turkey

Agreed Divorce in Turkey

Choosing an agreed divorce in Turkey with Consultixa Law Firm means choosing a path to peaceful resolutions. Our expertise in navigating the complexities of agreed divorces empowers you to swiftly move forward with your life, free from the burdens of…

Full Details of Turkish Family Law & Divorce in Turkey

Turkish Family Lawyers

Understanding the various types of divorce cases in Turkish Family Law is essential for individuals going through the challenging process of ending a marriage. Whether the case is contested or uncontested, Consultixa Law Firm stands ready to provide reliable legal…

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